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John Ashbrook

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Axioms of Separaton

by John E. Ashbrook

An axiom, in geometry, is something certain.  In teaching a course on biblical separation, the author sought to set down the things we know for sure about this neglected doctrine.  He ended up with thirteen axioms which expound the truth of biblical separation.  This book will help folks understand why we must separate from apostate churches and disobedient brethren.


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New Neutralism II

by John E. Asbrook

Since its birth in 1948 the religious philosophy of new evangelicalism has swept like wildfire across the former fundamental church.  Wherever it has gone it has proven to be the enemy of sound doctrine, reverent worship, godly music and holy living.  New evangelicalism is represented by men and movements such as Evangelist Billy Graham, Dr. Bill Bright, Christianity Today, Fuller Seminary, Campus Crusade, InterVarsity, and the national Association of Evangelicals.  Mr. Ashbrook explains new evangelicalism and names the men movements identified with it.  It is the author's hope that this book will strengthen some fundamentalists and rescue a few new evangelicals.

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Family Fundamentals

by John E. Ashbrook

The happy home many of us remember is in trouble.  It is the author's conviction that the solution is in getting back to biblical truth about the home. The God who ordained marriage and gives children, has provided the instruction manual. The Bible outlines the structure for living joyfully together and forming the character of happy obedient children.  The answers do not lie with psychologists, government experts or educators.  Rather, we need to understand the and practice what God says.  This book contains four chapters about husbands and wives, and four chapters about parents and children.

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A Bird's-Eye Tour of the Bible

by John E. Ashbrook

As pastor of a fundamental church for over forty years, the author has watched each generation become more biblically ignorant.  Few people have scriptural foundation for receiving Christ.  To meet this need in his own ministry, he came to approach the gospel through a brief tour of the Bible, leading to the message of personal salvation.  You can give this booklet to your neighbor, doctor, mechanic, or friend, saying "If I had thirty minutes to talk to you about spiritual things, this is what I would like to say."  Booklets don't save souls, but the explanation of biblical truth gives a foundation for the work of the Holy Spirit.

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